Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The pallet garden cover that love built. Wait, no, not love. What’s the word…? Oh, right: zip ties.

I got REAL crafty over the last 2 days and built my little pallet garden a cover made from 2x1 planks and some chicken wire. Oh, and zip ties. Let’s not forget the zip ties. I haven’t really built anything since woodshop in middle school so it was pretty fun/frustrating. But it’s done!! We get deer, rabbits and birds so I can’t just plant out in the open. And we’re only renting so I’m not going to spend a boatload of money on a super tall fence. The materials cost like $50 all together I think.

When I was at Home Depot getting that stuff I was sooo tempted to buy one of their (currently growing fruit!!!) lemon or orange trees. That is, until my boyfriend noted the price was about $45. That shut my wallet right down hahaha.

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