Saturday, May 16, 2015


I would strongly suggest avoiding any business with this buyer on Etsy.  JFC, she just won’t stop.  She already left a public review for my shop, so I have no qualms about making the same Etsy username public.  Same buyer as these entries.

Today she filed a false nonreceipt case with Paypal for the entire amount of her order, leaving my hands tied from refunding anything other than the entire amount.  After Paypal automatically closed that case with the tracking info, she filed an appeal for the price of the skirt and the shipping I’d already refunded for her.  Given how vindictive she’s being, you’ll have to forgive me for wanting to see the item in my hands before I refund anything.

Lying, and using every method available to screw a seller over isn’t going to make them want to do you any favors.  All she had to do was simply send the skirt back (free of charge) and I would have been more than happy to refund her purchase price.  Instead, she first tried to get the money and the item (so she could make ANOTHER purchase from my shop), left a one star review as revenge feedback, today she tried to use Paypal to get the entire purchase price back, and now is trying to get her shipping refunded again with an appeal.  Not to mention, throughout all of this, the entire order price is tied up with Paypal ($75 worth).

There’s no need for any of this.  If you act like a jerk, a seller is completely within their rights to refuse future business with you.  Behaving so incredibly over-dramatically isn’t going to alleviate the situation and it definitely isn’t going to make anyone more inclined to deal with you.  Respect goes a long way, but when you act like this, it’s not a requirement.  I don’t care how much money you’ve given someone, there’s no excuse for treating someone like this.

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